Mom Guilt: 4 Killer Tips to Tame the Beast

Do you ever do this? You put your kiddo to bed, kiss his apple cheeks and think about the day gone by as his breathing steadies. Thoughts of making pumpkin cookies and dancing to blaring kid’s music play in your head. But, so do other memories. Getting upset when flour poured onto the floor after you repeatedly asked your son and daughter to Stop. Touching. The. Bag! And you remember the reason for the music dance party was to help[Read more]

5 Reasons Every Mom Who Writes Should Read ‘Bird by Bird’

  It happens every time, doesn’t it? You sit down in your comfy corner, a cup of steaming beverage, delicious sweet snack, and open a book, the paper scent mixing with the bitter coffee beans. And read one sentence. Kid 1 comes. “Hi, Mommy. Can you get me a drink?” Because you love this interrupting munchkin, you water him like a tulip and sit down once more. You sip your coffee, warm and creamy. And read another sentence. Then comes in[Read more]

Tick Tock: 5 Powerful Solutions to Crush the Stay-at-Home Mom’s #1 Enemy

Have you ever had that moment at work? You know, when you wait. And wait. And wait to look at the clock. Then, proud of your enduring ability to be patient, you finally allow yourself a peek at the ticking numbers. But your heart sinks. Only 30 minutes have gone by, if you’re lucky. This is a stay-at-home mom’s day. Every. Day. Her secret soul wrenching enemy and it must be crushed.   Too Much Time “How slow and still the[Read more]

How to Focus Like a Pro When You Have Too Many Writing IDEAS

It’s a war. The computer stares you down, ready to fight to the death. If you get words in the blinking screen you are the winner. Otherwise… You lose. But for once the lack of words isn’t from the missing muse. It’s from your buzzing mind filled with amazing ideas. You can’t choose just one. Which means you can’t focus. And you can’t write. But with a few tricks you can win the battle to write and set your ideas[Read more]

How to Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth Every Day Without Debate and With a Smile

It seems impossible, doesn’t it? The only people who have kids that brush their teeth without problems are supermoms who can wash the dishes, feed the dog and bake cookies at the same time while showing their own pearly white smile. Or some sort of kid whisperer. Basically, not you. Or me. My kiddo is that master of finding reasons not to brush his teeth. “I still need to eat breakfast and I don’t want to brush them twice,” He[Read more]