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Hello, Writer Mom. 
Can I send you something?

Download The Writer Mom's Manifesto. For Free. Because motherhood is not the end of your dreams. 

Writing is hard. Motherhood is hard. 

But every Mother CAN write.

Write away, Mommy is a place where you can combine your love for each to become a better writer and mother. 

On the blog you 

will find:

Writing and motherhood Tips

Helpful articles about writing or ways to be a better mom.

Failure and Triumph

Bits of fun, true, or heartbreaking stories about my own journey as a

writer mom.

A Growing Community

Join the Facebook group of mothers just like you who already are or dream of being a writer.

“Don't give up. Keep writing away, Mommy.

What Others Say

"Jewel was such a big part of the creation of the Amazon best selling book, When You're Done Expecting. I kept bugging her with questions and, even though had a job, was writing, and taking care of her kids, she took the time to chat with me. I really appreciated her help. You can learn a lot at Write away, Mommy."

Parul Agrawal Best Selling Author

"Jewel is one of the most talented storytellers I know. Subscribe and learn her secrets. You'll be glad you did."

Frank McKinley - Author and coach

Jewel is my go to for all things writing. She is a treasure trove of resources and ideas. Besides being a wonderful mom and writer, she is a talented editor, too! Something I can vouch for when she helped me tighten up my story for our collaborative book, When You are Done Expecting. If you are a mother and writer, Write away, Mommy is the place to be. 

Aditi Wardhan Singh - Founder of Raising World Children

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