Hello there, Lovely. 

You have a dream, don't you?

The computer stares at you, cursor blinking like a clock ticking down the time left until your kids wake up. But you can feel it in your blood, the need to write. You've always loved or just found your love for words and secretly can't wait to show the world your newfound passion.

But there's a problem.

You find yourself wondering if being a mother means you should halt your writing dreams. Or even give up on writing altogether.

I mean, who has the time? Especially a mother. You folded the laundry and actually put it away just yesterday only to have another mountain for you today. There are dirty dishes bathing in the sink and dinner to be made. And you want/need to play with your precious babies. By the time night rolls around you just want to curl up in your covers and sleep. 

You're exhausted.