Creative kids

The Quacking Cow

The cow sounds like quack, quack. It moves. Three times! It was cutting the grass with a sheep. And then they were making a fence of bunnies. Beacuse it’s a silly animal farm. It was crashed by a gaint feet! Then it went back to normal. Thee end. Written by my four-year-old.


Erase Her Misery

This tiny human glows. Her toothless smile tickles my heart and brings tears to my eyes. She kicks her chubby legs, the paper beneath crunching with each hit. She squeals as I kiss her almost non-existent neck. Her soft skins smells of milk and spit-up. Perfection. “Hold her arms down, Mom,” the nurse with the dark ponytail says. I take…

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Blog Post

Surviving After a Flood

Something was wrong. I could tell by the rapid Ukrainian my husband was speaking to someone on the phone. I understood words like electricity, mud, and water. My husband hung up and showed me some pictures a friend sent him. There was stuff floating in six inches of muddy water. Our stuff. In our basement. The vacation didn’t feel much…

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Interview With a (Pregnant!) Mother: Maribel Hughley

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Our guest today is Maribel Hughley. Her site is about serving Christ, family, and others. She is a featured blogger for beauty and lifestyle magazine for 2016 and is 36 weeks pregnant! Welcome, Maribel. Let’s start with every mother’s favorite thing to chat about. Will you tell us about your children? Gladly! My first…

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Creative kids

Picture Man

Once upon a time there was a man. His name was picture man. There was a giant block mountain. And then there was a giant golf ball size boulder. And then there was a giant on top and a giant pillow. It squished the man! Then the sun made the pillow go off the man and he went back to…

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