An Open Letter to My New Kindergartener

  It can’t be that time already, can it, kiddo? Yesterday I held you in my arms, feeling prouder that I have ever felt. Yesterday, you couldn’t reach the cereal box. Yesterday, you were still my baby. But tomorrow the world will call you a kid. People will try to shape and mold you into the person they think is best. Tomorrow, you start school. And you couldn’t more excited. When you were a toddler I used to imagine you[Read more]

6 Things Every Mom Should Know About Turning Thirty

It’s supposed to be scary, right? The end of the ‘fun’ decade. The true end of childhood. The start of fine lines and grey hairs. The big three zero. But before you start stressing over this new age, Mama, there some things you should know. 1. You’re Not a Kid I have two kids, a husband and old am enough to have an grown-up drink with dinner. Yet I didn’t feel real an adult. Until now. People in their twenties are the[Read more]

Time For Play

  My husband sits on the floor playing the stupid game I bought for his 30th birthday. I smack him over the head. He doesn’t move. I’m leaving,” I say. “Yeah.” “How do I look?” I bite my lip. My hair is curled and the bags under my eyes concealed. For once I feel sexy. “Good.” His eyes stay focused on the screen. Of course. I don’t have time for this. “Dinner’s in the oven. Leave the Xbox alone and[Read more]

Babies and Puppies: How to Keep Your SANITY

  Your heart melts. The furry head tilts to one side, her eyes big The puppy seems to say, “Buy me.” You can’t resist. You rub your bulging belly and walk away with the fuzzy creature, future exciting. What could be better than a soft puppy and newborn? But then you realize something. The tiny beast whimpers all night. It pees everywhere. And it chews everything. The puppy is like a diaper-less kid.   Puppy Love, Smiles and Noise This was[Read more]

Water Bottle Story

Once upon a time there was a water bottle cupboard with regular water bottles inside. Water filled it to the top.  Then magic came. The magic touched all the water bottles. And then the water bottles got eyes! Rainbow colored. Then they got a nose. And then a mouth. Then arms! Then legs! Then they had a BUTT! And then they were painting with water colors. They were using the water from inside themselves to make the paint wet.  The[Read more]