Why You Should Not Enter Writing Competitions

  Tomorrow I find out if my story won. Even though this isn’t my first time on the site, my heart jumps when I think about the winner announcement. It’s nerve racking. Every moment spent writing is precious, more so when you have children. Mothers must take extra care on how we choose to use our time. We don’t want to lose any moment with our kids. Are writing competitions worth the missed moments and anxiety?   You Must Write Something Writing[Read more]

Product Review: Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit

The crimson dot sprouted from his miniature pointer finger. Tears, thick and heavy poured from his large brown eyes. My heart burst. I had to help him. I became a mama bear. Has that ever happened to you? Are you prepared at home, or elsewhere, to handle your child’s minor injuries yourself? Is a First Aid Kit Really Necessary? I can’t stand to think about my children getting hurt; even such a tiny cut like the one my kid got[Read more]

The Snow Story

Once upon a time a red snow came that was the deepest in the whole wide world. And a kid sinked to the bottom of the snow. It was as high as a skyscraper. It’s tallest building in the whole wide world. It ends in space, the antenna.  Then, all the kids sank to the bottom of the snow when they went out their doors!  No one knew.  But they were stuck in the snow and they couldn’t see their[Read more]

Christmas Story

  Once upon a time there was a boy. A sixteen-year-old. He gets ages every Christmas. That’s a long time.  But, it was Christmas already. But there were no presents under the tree, because he still didn’t go to bed. It’s still not nighttime. The sky is blue, but it’s white because of the snow clouds.  The sky was black. The stars were out. It’s evening Christmas. Then he goed to bed.  Santa comed. Then the presents were under the[Read more]

Review: Teething Lovie

Does your toddler get bored easily with their toys? My daughter definitely does. She will play with something for a few minutes before moving on to the next. So I was excited to review the Teething Lovie. Maybe she would finally play long enough for me to chop an onion or drink some coffee. I didn’t really know much about the product I was about to review, except that it was for teething babies. I was simply honored to be[Read more]