Water Bottle Story

Once upon a time there was a water bottle cupboard with regular water bottles inside. Water filled it to the top.  Then magic came. The magic touched all the water bottles. And then the water bottles got eyes! Rainbow colored. Then they got a nose. And then a mouth. Then arms! Then legs! Then they had a BUTT! And then they were painting with water colors. They were using the water from inside themselves to make the paint wet.  The[Read more]

Moms Who Write: Janie Saylor

  Hello! This week I got the wonderful opportunity to chat with Janie Saylor. She is a kind and inspiring woman that I met in the Write away, Mommy Facebook group. She has become a ‘mom’ to the group with her helpful advice and stories. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we have.   1. Let’s start with the most fun part. What’s your family like? Oh my goodness, my family is crazy! But first of[Read more]

Silly Sock Story

5  4 3 2 1 Blast off! The socks knowed it was Saturday. And it wanted to go to space.  They thought the rocket was a real rocket. The socks got in the top and winded up the key. The key broke off! They hit the roof and then they all had rips! Then the mom just sewed them back together with a sewing machine. It was tickling them  Thee end.  Written by my 5-year-old Does your kid write stories?[Read more]

20 Moms’ Best Tips for Weaning Baby From the Breast

  I didn’t know if I could do it. I was terrified. Weaning my son from the breast was simple. He fell in love with solid food and stopped drinking on his own. It was natural. Calm. My daughter, however, had a passion for the breast. She showed signs of being ready to wean (read more here). At eighteen months she didn’t need the milk. Yet, She couldn’t be away from me for long without wanting a sip of that[Read more]

Why You Should Not Enter Writing Competitions

  Tomorrow I find out if my story won. Even though this isn’t my first time on the site, my heart jumps when I think about the winner announcement. It’s nerve racking. Every moment spent writing is precious, more so when you have children. Mothers must take extra care on how we choose to use our time. We don’t want to lose any moment with our kids. Are writing competitions worth the missed moments and anxiety?   You Must Write Something Writing[Read more]