Silly Sock Story

5  4 3 2 1 Blast off! The socks knowed it was Saturday. And it wanted to go to space.  They thought the rocket was a real rocket. The socks got in the top and winded up the key. The key broke off! They hit the roof and then they all had rips! Then the mom just sewed them back together with a sewing machine. It was tickling them  Thee end.  Written by my 5-year-old Does your kid write stories?[Read more]

When Space was Made

Once upon a time… There was a kid, but the sky wasn’t there. Then he saw a baby cloud. When that cloud bursted, the sky came!  But there wasn’t space.  Then there was a black cloud that looked like a baby. Then the black cloud bursted and space came, but no one could see it.  So the kid built a spaceship. He counted down to five.  5…  4… 3… 2… 1! He said, “Blast off!” He cheered when he saw[Read more]

The Snow Story

Once upon a time a red snow came that was the deepest in the whole wide world. And a kid sinked to the bottom of the snow. It was as high as a skyscraper. It’s tallest building in the whole wide world. It ends in space, the antenna.  Then, all the kids sank to the bottom of the snow when they went out their doors!  No one knew.  But they were stuck in the snow and they couldn’t see their[Read more]

Really Spooky Jack-o-Lantern

    Once upon a time there was a 4-year-old medium-sized kid named Charl. He wanted to go to a Halloween party. Then he found a really big Halloween party at a pretend haunted house. There was a party potion that would make a party. The person that was making the party potion didn’t know where the really spooky jack-o’-lantern was. She saw only happy jack-o’-lanterns. But there was one spooky jack-o’-lantern, it was a SUPER spooky jack-o’-lantern. Two kids[Read more]

Ant’s Birthday

  Once upon a time there was an ant. A black ant. Tarantula, his friend, came. And then ant was gonna have a birthday! And then he had cake, birthday hats, friends juice, and presents. They ate cake and opened presents. Ant got games, Lego’s, a Lego table, and that’s all it. They played all the games, and Lego’s on the Lego table. Everybody won! It was the best birthday day ever. The end. This is last story from my[Read more]