5 Useful Ways to Protect Your Creative Time

This is a guest post be the lovely Aditi Wardhan Singh   We don’t value things till they are too little or gone. It’s human nature. And one of the most undervalued and taken for granted commodities is time. As people, it is very easy to understand that we need to spend our money on need and not wants. What is a hard idea to grasp is we need to be more proactive on spending our energy on what is[Read more]

New Mom

She wakes up to the sound of his cries and dread falls over her like the morning sun shining through the window. Another day of feeding, changing, rocking and bouncing. Another day feeling uncertain and exhausted. Life as a new mother is not what she expected. She imagined being more sure of herself, more confident. Instead she feels lost. As she enters the nursery, she bids him good morning in her sweet sing-song voice, and scoops him up into her[Read more]

Teasing or Lying?

Should I Scold Her For Lying, Or Applaud Her Imagination? My 3-year-old likes to make things up. “My old, old Grandma, in my old, old day, took me to the beach and we went surfing.” “Are you talking about Nana?” “No.” “Grandma Verla?” “No! My old, old Grandma!” We think we figured out that she is talking about her Great Grandmother, whom she has only met two or three times. She is 94 years old. I don’t think she’s been[Read more]