A Place for Book Lovers

I stood there licking my dry lips. I have an addiction.  “You’re having a shopping high,” my niece/sister, Sheree, said with a laugh. Her slender figure crouched over the high quality material while I bounced my baby girl on my hip. I looked at the books tightly stacked in shelves around the shop. The most expensive being three dollars. The cover smooth and barely touched. The pages used but still crisp. “I think you’re right,” I said. Handing the cash[Read more]

Off to Grandma’s House

Traveling with kids is never easy. The packing alone takes time. Two nights and three days worth of clothes and other necessities for myself, my four-year-old and baby, were neatly folded and shoved into one carry on sized bag. A bit of pride rose in me as I watch my helpful husband load the well-packed blue bag into the car but, we still had to get the kids out the door. This meant a lot of loudly repeated phrases like, “We[Read more]