When Space was Made

Once upon a time… There was a kid, but the sky wasn’t there. Then he saw a baby cloud. When that cloud bursted, the sky came!  But there wasn’t space.  Then there was a black cloud that looked like a baby. Then the black cloud bursted and space came, but no one could see it.  So the kid built a spaceship. He counted down to five.  5…  4… 3… 2… 1! He said, “Blast off!” He cheered when he saw[Read more]

Moms Who Write: Parul Agrawal

  Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a bestselling author? I was given the honor of interviewing Parul Agrawal, author of the bestselling book on Amazon Juicing for Healthier Families. Parul is a kind, encouraging and generous woman, and I am excited for you learn from her experiences! 1. Please tell us about your family. I am originally from India and grew up in a joint family with grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins all living under the[Read more]

Product Review: Kidz-Safe First Aid Kit

The crimson dot sprouted from his miniature pointer finger. Tears, thick and heavy poured from his large brown eyes. My heart burst. I had to help him. I became a mama bear. Has that ever happened to you? Are you prepared at home, or elsewhere, to handle your child’s minor injuries yourself? Is a First Aid Kit Really Necessary? I can’t stand to think about my children getting hurt; even such a tiny cut like the one my kid got[Read more]

The Snow Story

Once upon a time a red snow came that was the deepest in the whole wide world. And a kid sinked to the bottom of the snow. It was as high as a skyscraper. It’s tallest building in the whole wide world. It ends in space, the antenna.  Then, all the kids sank to the bottom of the snow when they went out their doors!  No one knew.  But they were stuck in the snow and they couldn’t see their[Read more]

Christmas Story

  Once upon a time there was a boy. A sixteen-year-old. He gets ages every Christmas. That’s a long time.  But, it was Christmas already. But there were no presents under the tree, because he still didn’t go to bed. It’s still not nighttime. The sky is blue, but it’s white because of the snow clouds.  The sky was black. The stars were out. It’s evening Christmas. Then he goed to bed.  Santa comed. Then the presents were under the[Read more]