Kids Who Write: Robot Story

Once upon a time there was a robot. And his name was Gabulary. He bzzzd and bopped. He loved counting with his radio from ten. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,3,2,1, 0. Blast off!One day he wanted to eat bolt pizza and oil to drink. He went to the gas station to buy. But a giant fuzz ball squished him flat. A scientist came and helped fix him. But then a giant a wasp ate them. Then the robot used[Read more]

Table Story

  Once upon a time there was a human, and then the human saw a moving table. Then all of the stuff moved! And then he ran away because he was scared. Just like a scaredy-cat. But then he came back and everything was gone. Even his house because it was in a turning storm. He cried. But then everything flied back to him. He was very happy to see the table. Thee end.

Family Story

Once upon a time there was a little kid and a mommy and a daddy. They were playing tag. Then watching TV! And then playing music. Then they were playing electric guitar. Then they turned up the sound all the way to 100! And then plus 8+9. Then they doed jump rope. They were happy. Thee end. Written and illustrated by my four-year-old Ask your kid to tell you a story. You never know what they will come up with![Read more]

Creative Kids: Charlie and Maddi

  Charlie’s Story Ten little frogs, bouncing on a head. One fell off and run out of bounce. Another frog fell and bunked his head. Another frog fell and he had nothin’. Another frog was the king. The king wanted to fall off so he just jumped off and bunked his head.     Maddi’s Story Three little froggies jumping on the head. Only jumping on the marker and draw now. The pink ones are not poisonous but the pink[Read more]

Red Race Car

Once upon a time there was a red and white race car. She was racing in a circle. She had to win a trophy with ice cream in it and a spoon. And then she had to race by the green race car. He was bad. And then she broke him into pieces! And then she won. And she ate the ice cream. It was sooo good. Thee end.   Written and illustrated by my four-year-old son. Do you have[Read more]